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Let the Experts at Ericksens Construction help you make the right decision. While replacing a roof can be a big decision, it also helps protect your biggest investment, your home. Replacing your roof also gives you the chance to start fresh with a new exterior look. Getting the color and shape of shingle you always wanted is a great way to express your individual personality to your home. If you have a leak, ignoring it can only get worse and could result in interior damage or even mold or roof deck rot. Contact Us today for a free roof repair estimate.

Signs Your Roof May Need Repair

There is no shortage of signs that you need a new roof. Here are some  of the most common signs:

You Have Missing Shingles

A sure sign that your roof isn’t getting the job done is if it’s missing shingles. If shingles are missing from your roof, moisture, heat, and cold are undoubtedly making their way into your home. Depending on how many shingles are missing from your home, you’ll either need a minor replacement or a major replacement.

Your Shingles are Curled

Take a look at your roof. Do its shingles look curled and frayed at their edges? If so, they have passed their expiration date and will need to be replaced.

Shingles typically curl in this manner after they’ve been exposed to excess amounts of moisture and sunlight. Allowing curled shingles to exist on your roof will almost certainly result in moisture, heat, and cold making their way into your home.

Your Shingles are Cracked

If your shingles are cracked, they are far past their expiration date. Cracked shingles have usually been past their expiration date for at least a few years. A cracked shingle is a shingle which has suffered extreme levels of deterioration.

There’s Moss on Your Roof

In many cases, one of the signs you need a new roof is if your roof is covered in moss. While small amounts of moss can be eradicated from your roof, large amounts of moss are a bit of a challenge. If moss has begun growing between and under your shingles, it has likely started to compromise the structural integrity of your home.

Your Energy Bills Increasing

Are your energy bills getting more and more expensive every month? If so, your roofing could very well be the problem. Roofing acts as insulation, preventing heat and cold from making its way into your home. When roofing goes bad, heat and cold make their way into your home without resistance, forcing your air conditioner and heater to work harder than they otherwise would.

There’s Light Peeking Into Your Attic

When installed correctly, most roofs should prevent light from making their way into your attic. Therefore, if the light is making its way from your roof into your attic, your roof may be suffering from some sort of impairment, especially in newer homes.


Ericksens Construction is a proud Owens Corning® partner.

The Total Protection Roofing System® integrates engineered Owens Corning® components that work together to address these three primary performance areas, critical to a high-performance roof, while also making it easy to understand the importance of each. With Owens Corning, it’s easy to confidently deliver total protection, beauty and peace of mind.

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